About us

Pxt-Wavedocu is an online after-sales service platform that allows you to quickly cancel your Wavedocu subscription whenever you want!

The main objective of Pxt-Wavedocu is to allow you to cancel your Wavedocu subscription simply and quickly thanks to an instant cancellation system. To use this cancellation system, simply enter the email address you used when you subscribed and follow the instructions on our Cancellation page.

If you encounter any problem while using our Pxt-Wavedocu platform or while trying to cancel your Wavedocu subscription, do not hesitate to contact the Pxt-Wavedocu teams. Pxt-Wavedocu's consultants will always be there to help you!


Cancellation of your subscription is free and instantaneous! All you have to do is fill in the email address used to unsubscribe.


Pxt-Wavedocu advisors are there to help you with all the steps involved in managing your Wavedocu account.


The key word of our after-sales service is efficiency! We are here to help you in a simple, fast and efficient way.

Contact the Pxt-Wavedocu teams

Whatever your request, Pxt-Wavedocu's consultants will be able to help you! Whatever your questions, cancellations or services, we will be able to help you! You have the possibility to contact our after-sales service whenever you want and you can reach our advisers :

By phone at +44 2 038 682 300

By mail to [email protected]

Via the form on our contact page